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Thad M. Guyer

Thad M. Guyer is a founding partner of T.M. Guyer and Ayers & Friends, PC, with over three decades of experience in whistleblower litigation. He has represented clients in international, state, and federal courts and agencies, and has served as the Litigation Director for the Government Accountability Project. Thad’s expertise spans various areas of whistleblower law, including corporate fraud, environmental violations, and government misconduct.

Stephani Ayers

Stephani L. Ayers is a founding partner and trial litigator at T.M. Guyer and Ayers & Friends, PC. With extensive experience in jury trials and litigation across the United States, Stephani has focused on employee whistleblower cases in state and federal courts and agencies. She has also served as a Litigation Associate and Associate General Counsel for the Government Accountability Project, where she focused on environmental and corporate fraud whistleblower cases.